Being Polite

Cory Doctorow‘s an interesting guy. He writes incredibly well on Boing Boing and in his (free) novels, and almost always presents logical and compelling arguments for whatever subject he’s discussing. Sometimes, though, it seems on the verge of complete privacyphile hermitville paranoia, and I find myself backing away a little.

DRM’s evil? Sure, I can see that1. Google print is cool? Definitely. ID cards are self-evidently a massive threat to the world? Ummm…not so sure about this one2. He has won me over on a good number of occasions, however, and particularly with reference to the ‘don’t steal films’ adverts shown before every movie. I used to think that was reasonable, until he pointed out that anybody sitting in there has paid for a ticket and don’t really deserve to be patronised and treated like potential criminals. Since I read that, the notices have annoyed me more and more.

I thought that after trying to visit a website and being presented with this:

Sadistic Webhosts

I’m surprised it’s not using a different finger. Do they have to yell?

  1. yeah, I’m a hypocrite on this []
  2. the civil liberties argument seems fuzzy to me, but that’s another post []