Progress, or not

One of the houses I walk past every day has some building work going on, and one of the workers seems to have taken exception to me. The park’s increasingly muddy so I’m wearing my boots most days, and I get jeered for it. I swear he must sit around all day waiting for me. I put both headphones in today so that I wouldn’t hear, but it wasn’t quite enough to drown it out. For some reason, I’ve had more personal insults from different sources in the last week than any time since school. I’m trying not to let it piss me off, but I leave the house every day thinking ‘crap, I’ve got to walk down that road before I can get back home’. I don’t know whether to change the route and avoid it, or whether that’s giving in.

Hit 15,000 words yesterday evening, which puts me more than a day ahead of schedule. It’s nice to have that leeway, in case there are any bad days lurking. I’m enjoying reading the NaNoWriMo forums, particularly the post about ‘unexpected events’, in which your characters decide to act in ways you hadn’t anticipated, thus forcing a plot rewrite. It’s so true 🙂 Stupid characters with minds of their own. Next one that does something to annoy me gets killed off.