Wishlist Updates

Amazon recently updated their wish-list system, and I now find it much more user-friendly. There’s a rating system to distinguish between must have1, love to have2, like to have3, thinking about it4 and don’t buy this for me5. You can also finally make multiple changes at once before saving.

An annoyance at Amazon is the absence of the wishlist button on some pages. If you can’t buy the product new, you can’t add it to your wishlist. Sports Night, for example.

I spotted Sports Night on obscure cable channel ABC1 a few weeks back. I’d heard of the show but never actually seen it. I knew it was written by Aaron Sorkin, creator and writer of The West Wing6, as well as movies A Few Good Men and The American President, so caught a few episodes and quite enjoyed them. If you’re a West Wing fan who’s seen The American President, you’ll know what I mean if I say Sports Night feels very familiar. The dialogue is fast, intelligent, witty and laced with thoughtful asides, plus the show moves along very quickly. The actors are also recognisable! Aside from the laughter track, which feels like it was added on top by worried executives, it seems like a decent show.

Reading around this morning, it seems Sports Night was cancelled back in 2000, but the DVD box-set has all 45 episodes! I quite fancy that 🙂 It’s not available in the UK, but Amazon list it as an NTSC import, yet you can’t add it to the wishlist. I’ll just have to nag people about it, I guess 🙂

Since I’m mentioning it anyway, I might as well add a link to my wishlist. Hope springs eternal…

  1. West Wing Series 6 []
  2. The Complete Calvin and Hobbes – oh, wow []
  3. Eye to the Telescope by KT Tunstall []
  4. Dom Joly’s made-up autobiography []
  5. for things I know I should want, but actually don’t – Sebastian Faulks books, for example []
  6. Series 1-4, anyway []