Last night I remembered that my webcam had caused the computer to keep restarting last month, and at the time I’d blamed the drivers. When I moved the computer upstairs I plugged in a USB wi-fi adapter, and things started going wrong. Replacing it with a PCI version has solved all the problems, or at least taken me back to the previous state 🙂 So it looks like I have a USB problem as well as SATA, but for now I’ve gone all day without a crash, and that makes me a happy bunny 🙂

I turned on the television at 1745, and was confronted by the image of woman bending over in the bath. The camera angle wasn’t directly behind, but was showing enough genitalia as to surprise me. I checked the channel and discovered I was on Discovery Home and Something. At this point the woman began moaning, and moments later a baby’s head popped out. Which was graphic. Baby was apparently still receiving oxygen through the placenta, and we weren’t to worry about his head being submerged for the next forty-five seconds. Eventually the rest of him squelched into the world, and mother and child met each other properly for the first time. I’m not squeamish about these things, but it was somewhat surprising to see on an early-evening show. Not that I actually think anybody would be disturbed by it, but you know how people like to complain. Mind you, I remember seeing a video in a secondary school science lesson with the same scene shown directly from in front. Some images you don’t forget in a hurry.

I’m currently ahead of schedule writing-wise, which is a pleasant feeling. I’m sure I’ll fall behind at some point – week 2 is meant to be a killer – but for now I’m going to relax. After months of trying and failing to convince others to see it with me, I’ve picked up Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events from the rental shop, so am heading downstairs to watch it.

I’m planning toffee apple raids for tomorrow.