Not According to Plan

I had various attempts at getting my computer working today, but nothing’s yet worked. Most of today’s writing has been done from Mum’s machine, as mine has been stopping on Windows bootup. I’m leaving memtest86+ running overnight in the hope that’ll turn up something.

I’ve had some more flat news in the past couple of days, but I don’t really know what to make of it. I received a letter from my solicitor containing a copy of a letter to the seller’s solicitors, which says that an amended Deed of Variation is needed to sort out the maintenance payments, or it is likely the buyer will not proceed. Fair enough. I had a phone call from the estate agent this morning, however, and he said that two other solicitors have looked at the lease and concluded that it doesn’t need changing. We’re now waiting on the housing association to put their argument in writing, and hopefully it will amount to more than ‘it’s a really old lease’, this time. Also, the asbestos survey has found some ‘white asbestos’ under the ‘barge boards’. I’m still not sure whether that’s in the flat itself or the communal areas, but I’ll be able to see the report for myself soon.

I’m getting worried, now. If it seems like I’m being awkward in any way then there’s nothing to stop the seller putting it back onto the market. So things are still going backwards. My sister receives the keys for her house tomorrow, at which point she officially wins the race. Hmph!