It can only get better

Three random restarts later, and I’m 1070 words in. Not the best of starts – I have to average 1700 words per day to hit the target now – but I had to spend much of the afternoon and evening trying to get the computers working. I haven’t even looked at the major b0rkage going on with my own machine. See, this afternoon I wrote 400 words in Writely, and it then popped up with a ‘Writely has a problem’ message. Then I saw that the rather-low-anyway wifi signal had dropped out entirely. It came back, and the next time I hit ‘save’ in Writely it worked ok. 600 words and half an hour later I closed the document, and when I went to re-open it no changes had been saved since the initial error.

Wow, was I pissed off.

I then decided to boost the wifi signal with a repeater, so picked up another WRT54G router1 on the basis that I’ll be able to use it in Stratford too, should I ever get there. I figured setting this up would be a two minute job, until I discovered that the WRT54Gs routers, as opposed to the WAP54G access points I’ve used before, don’t actually support repeating the wifi signal. It can be done, but only by using third-party firmware.

So, I flashed the firmware, and bricked a router. I resurrected it after removing the case and shorting two pins on the flash chip, then promptly bricked it again. Haven’t yet managed to fix that one. Happily, the new router is a good replacement, and actually seems to have a better range2 so the signal in the spare room was passable late this evening, when I managed to get something done.

I’ve used more bad language today than I have in rather a while. And I haven’t even mentioned that I drove into a hedge…So I’m going to watch a Scrubs episode, then go to bed. Tomorrow will be much better, I’m sure.

  1. which PC World didn’t have in stock, despite it being the router that’s sold everywhere []
  2. although it could just be something atmospheric – wifi connections are sensitive to so many things! []