WordPress.com Strangeness

This morning I wanted to enable Matt’s new spam-filtering Akismet service, and found that the only requirement is an API key from WordPress.com – the still-in-alpha blog hosting company running entirely on WordPress software. To get an API key you need an account and though I received a ‘golden ticket’ email invite a while back it turned out to have expired. However, you can get an account if you download and install Flock – the swish new Firefox distribution built for RSS junkies.

So I downloaded the package, set up an account, enabled the plugin and entered the API key. No luck – the key couldn’t be validated. A note on wordpress.com stated they had a major hard drive failure over the weekend, so I figured their servers could be having trouble this morning. It still wasn’t working a few hours later, so I went back to the site to re-login, and suddenly everything was weird. My username and password weren’t recognised, and at first I was forwarded toa different account. Then I tried to go to my account’s home page, and it had someone else’s content! The domains appear to have become rather confused, and I can’t get into my account at all any more.

I still haven’t managed to get an API key, but wordpress.com is still in alpha so this is actually entirely reasonable – they make no promises about the quality of service. The truly bizarre thing is that there’s no way to find out what’s going on – they don’t have a blog! How can they, of all people, not have a way of letting people know about their problems? Most odd. Maybe it’s there and I just can’t find it, but I’ve looked pretty hard…

Update: I tried again, and the new API key works – woo! Akismet has already purged my database of hidden spam. I like it 🙂

Update 2: While the API key works, any attempt to mark a comment as ‘not spam’ results in the invalid api key error. I emailed support a few days ago but haven’t had any reply, so have been forced to turn it off for the moment. This blog post seems to refer to the problem, so hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

Update 3: Matt replied to my email and said that the latest version of the plugin fixed the problem, which it has. It’s working very well now.