Happy Bunny

I barely registered a knock at the door at around 0800. We regularly get parcels and have had eight deliveries in the last couple of days, none of which were for me. As with the last few mornings, after getting up I crept around the corner of the stairs, hoping to see a large chair-shaped parcel sitting in the hall, but no such luck. There was a package on the hall table, but unless the chair was inflatable, this wasn’t what I was hoping for. I said hi to Dad and went to check on my emails. A few minutes later Mum walked past, and said ‘your chair’s in the porch as I couldn’t carry it though the door’. Much excitement ensued. It’s now all set up and my official verdict is that It Is Good. It’s currently getting an inaugural wash from Megan. The chair is stage two of my move to a much more ergonomic setup, since I was having RSI and back problems from the previous arrangement. Now I fit far more easily into the gap under my desk, and sitting here with the chair and the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard is very comfortable indeed – it should be fantastic for novel-writing! I could do with a desk set up for right-handers as the set of drawers on the left means that the keyboard has to be on the far right and the mouse pad hanging off the edge of the desk so am currently scouring eBay for something decent that doesn’t cost the earth.

Also, Opera Version 9 Preview 1 came out yesterday, and it’s great! It’s an early preview and has a fair few bugs, so I wouldn’t recommend downloading unless you’re prepared to put up with a few issues, but for me the new features outweigh this disadvantage. Rich-text-editing is finally supported, so the clever WYSIWYG editors can be used, as well as HTML emails in Gmail1. The scripting support has been improved too, so swish ajaxy sites like Writely and Meebo are functional, although don’t work perfectly as yet2.

Just off for lunch, then I’m likely out working this afternoon. If they ever get back to me about when I should turn up, that is…

  1. Oops, Google Mail []
  2. You can’t create new documents in Writely, and Meebo’s IM windows are fixed in size and position. These should be resolved quickly, especially as Opera’s userbase has increased dramatically since becoming freeware. []