CSS Changes

Just going to play around with the layout a little…it’ll likely be broken for a while 🙂

Update: It’s working in modern browsers. Guess which one can’t handle CSS correctly. Hopefully it’ll just be one or two tweaks…

Later: With the help of this very useful article, the content finally loads before the sidebar. I’ve wanted to do this for ages, but it’s tricky when you want a full-screen layout with CSS. Turns out negative margins are the key – with them you can set an element to take up 100% minus 270 pixels, which is handy! The search engines should be far happier with content at the top, and if the sidebar stalls, like happened with the blogmap recently, it’s not really a problem. IE6’s layout still isn’t perfect – I have no idea why the right-hand sidebar margin is slightly larger than in Opera or Firefox – but it looks ok, and that’s all I need. As Simon noticed in the comments, elements no longer underlap the sidebar in IE6. I’d like to pretend this was deliberate, but it was really a happy accident 🙂 I also fixed a problem with blockquotes that was requiring me to add blank paragraphs if I wanted gaps.