Blog Updates

Feeling much better today, happily 🙂 Haven’t done much, though.

I’m altogether fed up with my website going down all the time. I’m registered with a service that tries to download a text file every minute or so and emails me if the server doesn’t respond for a length of time. Over the last few weeks this has been happening anywhere between four and fifteen times per day, for anything up to twenty minutes. Various people have commented on my website being down recently, I contacted my hosts – IXWebhosting – and they deny any problems. My hosting is up for renewal in a couple of weeks, so I’m going to be moving providers (again), this time to the very highly-regarded Textdrive. It’s a little more expensive than before, but I think it’s worth it to get decent service. I’m hoping it’ll be faster, too. I’ve transferred to their servers today, and once I’ve figured out how their system works I’ll move the whole blog over. That’s no small job, so I’ll work myself up to it.

Played around with the blog this afternoon: just tidying up a few things. The poll should now work properly, and no longer requires a page refresh. The times on the front page are now displayed slightly differently, and the archive pages now display related posts and a smaller tag cloud. Nothing very exciting. The webcam software was causing my computer to spontaneously restart, weirdly, so that’s still disabled while I try to figure out the problem.