Web Shopping

Despite only starting at lunchtime, I did have a productive afternoon. I spent a good few hours on the Argos and eBay websites, and have ticked many items off the Stuff Needed for Flat list. Choosing cutlery, oven gloves, plates etc. was strangely fun! It’s great to be able to put my own mark on a place right from the beginning.

I’m quite impressed with the Argos website. Three items were unavailable for home delivery, but the site gives you the option to check stock at local stores and as a result all three have been reserved at the Solihull branch, providing I pick them up tomorrow. I wish they saved the shopping basket server-side, though, as a crash (wtf, incidentally) emptied all of my items – thankfully I’d been making a note of the product numbers just in case, but it was still a pain.

While we’re talking web shopping, buying furniture online is such a pain in the ass! Almost every website decides that the best way to subdivide their catalogue is via brand. So when you click on ‘desks’, the subcategories consist of ‘ventura’, ‘dingleberry’, ‘flarkledoyk’ and ‘romplestein’. Usually they all look exactly the same anyway, but having to check each one is irritating. The product pictures and descriptions are godawful, too. Does anybody actually click ‘buy’ after looking at a 200 x 200 image and the words ‘700x1000x700 beech corner desk’? I swear somebody could make a mint by designing a website properly.

Hmmm, it appears late-night blogging causes me to rant.

It’s Fleet Week in San Francisco apparently. I guess that means it’s exactly a year since I was there. Cripes. My wanderlust was sated for a while, but thinking of that day brings it back with a vengeance. I’d best start making some money!

I should probably be going to bed, but am not feeling tired yet. I think I’ll watch a Scrubs episode then head upstairs…Night!