Waking Up

My sleep pattern is completely screwed at the moment, and it’s entirely my own fault. Why do I have such trouble getting up in the mornings?! I’ll wake at a reasonable time, but then decide to give it “just a few more minutes of rest”, which is enough to send me into snoozy-doozy-woozy-land. I have very vivid dreams – this morning I was on a train full of attacking zombies with lions prowling outside – and I’m always out of it for another two hours minimum, normally waking up every so often with all sorts of strange ideas running through my head. It’s not even a pleasant experience; I feel awful even after I do manage to drag myself into the shower, and the dream imagery stays with me all day. Then breakfast’s late and I don’t get enough lunch…Argh – I hate it!

The silly thing is that I really like being up early – I work far better in the mornings and get far more done than if I catch the hours up late at night. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t get up today until 1125, which is entirely pathetic, and I wasn’t much better yesterday. Of course, I then can’t get to sleep until the early hours, hence the witching hour blogging. I’ve got to do something about this. Have kids, maybe 🙂 I’ve got to get out of the habit before I’m living by myself, or I’ll go nuts. Anybody have any suggestions?