No Yolk

A couple of odd events happened within a few minutes this evening. Firstly, somebody outbid me in the last two minutes of an eBay auction. Nothing surprising about that, you may say. Well, the item I was bidding on was…an egg cup. Somebody sat around waiting to win an egg cup. Who would do that? Who would spend that much effort on an egg cup? Oh, wait. Anyway, the good news is I just found another identical model on Buy It Now for half the price, so I’m happy 🙂

Then, moments later, I reversed into Mum and Dad’s Focus on the drive. Damn. I have no real explanation. I reversed out exactly as I do normally, except when I looked in the mirror I saw the cars colliding. I must have thought the car was further away, I guess, but I was completely on auto-pilot and don’t remember thinking anything at all. There are dents on both cars, but I can’t tell how deep the scratches are until the daylight. I’ll get them both patched up as well as I can. I don’t think it’s too bad, but it’ll probably leave a visible scar on both cars. Oops. I’ll certainly make sure to double-check the exits from now on!