Serenity’s out today! Woohoo. I won’t be able to catch the previews this evening, but shall be there tomorrow. From everybody’s reaction it’s only Simon and I that are interested in going, but we don’t care. Gotta find us some brown coats…

I spoke to the estate agent earlier. Apparently the new lease is on its way to the solicitors, and assuming that’s ok we’ll be able to start talking moving-in dates.

The third book in the Bartimaeus trilogy officially came out today, but Waterstone’s had it on the shelves yesterday afternoon so I picked up a copy. Most exciting. I have a cunning theory as to what will transpire, but am avoiding the blurb until I finish my current book – won’t be able to resist the temptation otherwise. I even remembered to use my Waterstone’s gift voucher, having had it in my wallet since christmas.