Monday Monday

The solicitors are still arguing over the lease agreement for my flat. It seems that the wording currently suggests I have to pay all of the buildings maintenance fees, rather than 1/6th. This isn’t actually the case – the current resident only pays 1/6th – but the possible interpretation means my solicitors have asked for a deed of variation, which is taking a while. I’ve no idea when everything will be sorted, in fact nothing has changed for a couple of weeks, now. I do have saucepans, however.

I’m hoping this week will see the launch of Google Calendar, the server for which is apparently live but inaccessible. Google may wait until their conference at the end of the month, but Google Talk‘s servers went live only a couple of days before launch. I’ve been using Outlook + Plaxo for the past few months, and s’alright. Changing anything from the web feels like a chore, though, and Outlook’s a hulking blight on my system resources 🙂 A swish ajaxy google app integrated into Gmail would be great and, as Jeremy points out, there’s certainly room for innovation.

Lynsey and I are off to a dancing competition at the tower ballroom in Edgbaston this evening. We’re watching rather than taking part, and it’ll be interesting to see professional routines up close. I discovered yesterday that I don’t have access to a black dinner jacket, so am wearing a brown one. That should be ok, shouldn’t it? I’m having to wear a tie – an item of clothing I have yet to be convinced isn’t simply a big arrow pointing to the crotch – so shall pick out something suitably individual.