Upgrading the Micra

We worked on the car for much of yesterday afternoon, finishing it off today after an adapter cable arrived. It was fun! We had to dismantle much of the dashboard, using a variety of implements including the Big Red Taped-Up Screwdriver of Death, and got it all sorted without many problems, which was a refreshing situation!

The radio was replaced, and has a 3.5mm jack plug cable to let me plug the iPod directly into the speaker system. The radio itself has a face-plate that can be removed for security, and comes with a small box to keep it safe. However this afternoon the case fell out of my pocket, hit the ground, fell open and released the face-place, which collided with the concrete rather hard. It still works fine, but there are some dents in the control knobs, which is annoying! I think I might screw the face-plate on permanently, then I needn’t worry about carrying it around or somebody stealing it.

We also spray painted the ugly cream control knobs, and they’re now shiny black. It looks much nicer inside the car, now, and hopefully that’ll have added something to the resale value in a few years time. I’ll put up the before and after photos once I get copies.

I’ve been trying to get rid of the smoke smell too. All the upholstery has been febreezed and the front seats shampooed were shampooed last night. The surfaces have all been wiped down and polished, and while the dashboard was in pieces we cleaned out the air vents. It smells of a mixture of shampoo and lemon-fresh cleaning fluid at the moment, so I’ll give it a few weeks and see what happens.

I want to thank Ben very much for helping – I couldn’t have done it without all his knowledge and practical skills! I’ve never been into cars all that much, but I’ve enjoyed getting this one upgraded. Now if only the gear stick didn’t look so much like a penis…