Morning News

  • Giant squid are cool. They’re even called ‘giant squid’. Researchers have finally succeeded in photographing a giant squid in its natural environment. Previously there have been very small pictures of a juvenile and shots of an adult at the surface, but all other evidence has been gathered from bodies washed up on beaches or caught in nets.
  • The Conservative Party are imploding again, I see.
  • While the living conditions were undoubtedly hellish, it’s becoming apparent that widespread tales of armed militia, rapes and murders in the New Orleans refugee sites were massively exaggerated. As Buzzmachine points out, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t horrible for the people trapped, just slightly less horrible.
  • Kermit’s going on tour. What about Gonzo?
  • In an interesting and brave move, ‘junk food’ is to be banned in schools. This is almost entirely down to Jamie Oliver’s campaign last year, and is a hell of a result. I haven’t had time to read up on it fully, but given the quotes from nutritionists I’m tentatively in favour šŸ™‚

Must go, have a bambi-eyed dog staring from under my desk.