How not to lose The Game

Have you heard of The Game? If so, sorry. If not, the rules are as follows:

  1. To know The Game is to play The Game. One can never stop playing.
  2. To think of The Game is to lose The Game.
  3. When one loses The Game, one must announce to all present that one has lost.

And that’s all there is to it. Barry and I have been playing for probably two years now. Tonight we both caused the other person to lose first, thereby not losing ourselves. Here are two proven strategies:

  1. Describe fnords. I am assured that it is a word only visible to members of the Illuminati, and brings comfort and joy. Bunnies, for example [UPDATE: Untrue, and I’ve linked to the wikipedia entry – see Simon’s comment]. Chances are, the person will state a word themselves. You then say ‘ah, but you’ve given it away now’. Chances are, this will cause a logical link to The Game, and he/she will be forced to admit his/her Losingness.
  2. Quote verbatim from Life, The Universe and Everything, specifically the passage regarding the secret to flying unaided being to aim at the ground and miss. Describe how this requires a moment of total surprise nanoseconds prior to hitting the ground, and you must not concentrate on the act of flying, or you will be noticed by gravity and fail. Again, chances are he/she will think of The Game, and be a Big Massive Loser.

Obviously, you cannot attempt either of the two tactics consciously. You must think of them now, and forget the reasoning behind them. This is the path to victory.