The wish list, maybe

You’ll need to view the larger image to see it properly, but this is what just appeared on my Amazon account:

An Interesting Amazon Recommendation

The top recommendation, based on my clicks, is “100 Naked Girls”. Believe it or not, I haven’t been searching for naked women on Amazon recently. Or ever, as far as I can remember. My most recent clicks were various toasters and saucepan sets, which aren’t terribly kinky. Hmmm, maybe the engine’s just really insightful 🙂

5 minutes later and the book has vanished, to be replaced with “Swan 16Pce Sainless Steel Cutlery Set”. Go figure.

Update: Turns out that somebody who bought one of the cutlery sets also bought this book. My new recommended item is ‘Shaven Angels 2’. Do you think somebody ordered porn with their cutlery, or cutlery with their porn?