Strange Noises

This story has no exciting climax – just wanted to point that out before starting.

Dad came downstairs this afternoon and said there was a strange smell in our spare room. It’s like something is going off, he says – vaguely urine-like. He hunted around but found nothing. Just now I was in the bathroom next to the spare room and heard a noise which sounded very much like something throwing up. The window was closed, and I was convinced it was above me, in the loft. It stopped after a few seconds, but was just like the sound our cat used to make when being sick, and my ears are still attuned to that particular noise. Before I’d even left the bathroom my brain was working on unpleasant explanations, varying from a bat to a burglar sleeping up there, which made opening the bathroom door a real pleasure.

Dad and I went into the loft and looked around, but couldn’t find very much. We did spot a new addition to the piles of junk that was either a shrivelled human brain or a recently fallen wasps’ nest. Hopefully the latter. I could vaguely detect the smell in the spare room, but nothing in the loft. It was long dead, thankfully. We looked for any signs of infestation but found nothing – no droppings, chewed bags or the like. A better hunt around the spare room was also fruitless, so I guess there was nothing to it. It could have been the central heating making squelching noises, I suppose. I’ve just noticed that there are fireworks outside, so maybe that had something to do with it.

Nevertheless: weird.