Lots of Shopping

I was proud of myself this morning when I made a couple of phone calls and achieved what I wanted. I renegotiated my car insurance, as well as talking to the seller garage and changing the method of payment. Nothing much for most people, but I’ve been poor on the phone for much of my life, and this was quite an achievement 🙂 Life coaching has certainly helped in this regard – I wasn’t terribly nervous before making the calls and didn’t come off the phone convinced that the recipient was thinking me a moron.

We’ve been told that my mortgage has been approved and the offer paperwork was put in the post on Tuesday. I was hoping for it this morning, but with luck it’ll arrive tomorrow. As a result I’ve been researching broadband, phone lines and home insurance. Good grief. It’s not particularly complex, but the sheer range of offers boggles me. Martin Lewis’ MoneySavingExpert.com is an excellent resource for saving money, but it’s easy to become bogged down in minutiae. I’m hoping to find an uncapped, decent share-ratio, 1mb broadband package for under