Bad Things

It’s bad when:

  • You run your finger over a mark on your new LCD monitor, and think it’s actually a gash. It’s better when you realise it’s just a stray gob (I wonder where from.)
  • You’re reading a Pootergeek post and you realise you have no idea what the hell is going on, but you continue because you’re sure it’s very clever and maybe one day you’ll understand.
  • You’re sitting on the toilet and a wasp flies in
  • You realise you know more about US politics than UK
  • You try to rescue a daddy longlegs (crane fly, for non-UK readers) and it lands on your face.
  • You find yourself talking back to (stupid) newspaper articles. On every page.
  • You discover that everybody in the country has memorised their national insurance number…except you.
  • You remember to take your cheque book somewhere, fill it in, realise you’ve endorsed it to Mr Fifty-Two Pounds by mistake so rip it out only to discover it’s the last one.