How to Buy a Gamepad, Cheaply

I’ve never been attracted to car racing games. They’re always interesting for a few minutes, but I quickly get bored of racing around tracks with 2D spectators and dull surroundings, no matter how good the graphics. The breakthrough game for me is Trackmania: Sunrise, which is great fun. The race tracks include loops, 600mph corners, breathtaking jumps and bouncing across water like a skipping stone, all while on top of skyscrapers, or Hawaiian islands, abandoned airports…The physics is good enough to be a challenge, but not so realistic that it takes weeks of practice to improve.

Playing with a keyboard is fine for a while, but Ben frequently kicks my ass with his gamepad. So I figured I’d get one myself, as that was clearly the only thing standing between me and Glorious Victory*. Ben’s pad is the Logitech Rumblepad 2, but was either out of stock or overpriced when I searched.

Then Ben spotted that the PC World website have the Cordless Rumblepad for