Guardian Relaunch

I’m going to pick up a copy of tomorrow’s Guardian as it’s just been re-launched in a new size, with full colour throughout. The Editor’s blog has been updating all day, and it’s fascinating to see how these things work. I’m wary when the news media starts talking about itself, but I think the staff of the Guardian can be forgiven for being quite excited – it’s the biggest change the paper’s had in fifty years, after all.

Industry introspection is interesting to me. I sometimes think that if I see another blog devoted to blogging I’ll go nuts; it can be hard to find the best content blogs for all the people talking about how great it is. That’s partly why I think podcasting is more than just a fad – you’ve got industry leader Adam Curry podcasting about podcasting, while everybody else produces actual content.

Damn, I have a feeling the above would sound much better were I not so tired. But I’d probably just forget and write about monkeys if I left it until tomorrow.