Filling a Flat

Shopping this afternoon was fairly productive. We walked around most of the retail park and found both a bed and a sofa in the anticlimactically-named ‘World of Leather’. I need to double-check the measurements of the rooms to be sure they’ll both fit, but barring any major memory lapses on my part I should be able to put the orders in early next week. The bed’s available within 1-2 weeks so will be around as soon as I move in, but the sofa is only promised before the end of November, so I’ll have to make do with a deckchair or something while waiting. I’m not sure why sofas take so long – are they made specially? Oh, I also need to decide on colour schemes. Heh. My design skills normally work around the principle of ‘try combinations until it looks good’ (that’s how I designed the website layout), so I’ll have to use my imagination and Just Hope 🙂

The flat’s kitchen is fitted apart from the dishwasher, for which there’s a space. I don’t really need a dishwasher, but it’d look silly to leave a big hole…I wonder whether you can get slimline washing machines that would fit in the gap? We looked around Comet to get prices on dishwashers / washing machines / vacuum cleaners / microwaves, and once I got home I looked them up online. Turns out the prices are pretty much the same – what’s with that? I expected that, like most electrical goods, I’d be able to find significant savings. Weird.

The major things left to decide upon are the wardrobes and a desk. The latter is tricky, as few places have the kind of corner unit I’m after. I’d like to be facing into the corner so I can rest my right arm on the desk, but be able to extend the desk’s length in each direction. This is nearly there, providing the keyboard tray is easily removable (I hate keyboard trays) and, thinking about it, I’d want to ditch the monitor stand too. I’m not sure about wardrobes yet – maybe a trip to Ikea is called for. I’m hoping to be able to afford a large set of bookshelves, although they’ll likely get full up within weeks.

Sorry, my blog appears to be morphing into UK Style. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Coincidentally, my sister and her boyfriend have just bought a house together; Mum and Dad can hardly move without being asked for advice or help from one of us kids!

Am on my own this evening and there’s little on tv, so I think this calls for some gaming.