Bad News from Skepticality

iTunes 5 came out earlier this week, and one of the new features is the ability to manipulate podcasts in playlists. Last night I set up a ‘Fav Podcasts’ list, which contains any podcasts I’ve marked as ‘favourite’ that haven’t been played yet. My favourites are currently The Dawn and Drew Show, Adam Curry‘s Daily Source Code, The Word Nerds, Skepticality, This Week in Science and Podquiz. I listened to Dawn and Drew while walking to the park this morning, and as it finished I checked what else was new. There was one from the Skepticality podcast called ‘The Message’, with no title other than that. Swoopy’s voice came on, and it was immediately obvious that something was wrong. She was in tears, and in very short recording said that her co-presenter Derek was in a critical condition in hospital, after collapsing with an AVM, which is a bleed to his brain. He’s somebody I’ve listened to a fair bit over the past few months, and this was a shock to hear. I hope he pulls through.