Things Going On Today

After a fair bit of work moving data around, the computer problems are hopefully sorted. I was getting strange lockups on loading Windows, and sometimes just before the IDE devices initialized on the initial bios screen. Also the Event Viewer was reporting paging errors on a non-existent drive (still don’t understand that, to be honest). Ben discovered various other people with similar problems, and the common denominator was the SATA Maxtor 250gb drive. I’ve copied my data to another hard drive, reinstalled Windows, and am waiting to see whether the problems recur. I’m hoping not – they’re *really* annoying 🙂 Now that I have a working computer again I can catch up with emails (sorry to people who’re waiting.)

House-wise, things are going well. I received the survey results earlier this week. The only problem nearby is an area of ‘extreme flooding risk’ within 250m. I’m on the first floor, so even if the Avon bursts its banks in a big way I should be ok. If all else fails Ben can bring his dinghy and rescue me! We’re hoping to receive the mortgage offer within the next couple of working days, after which there’s very little remaining to sort out. The estate agent said that he’d expect my moving-in date to be around the 24th September, which is only two weeks away! Once we get final mortgage confirmation I’ll start looking for beds, sofas, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, desks…

My new monitor arrived this morning. I’m used to two CRTs, but there’s definitely not enough space for them in the new flat. I couldn’t afford two LCDs so picked up a slightly cheaper widescreen LCD, and I’m very happy with it. There’s one dead pixel, but I can certainly cope with that 🙂 The 1680 x 1050 resolution is slightly odd, but no big deal. My desk has far more space, and I imagine the office will be somewhat cooler now.