A Title Not Mentioning Poles

Sometimes, a news story changes completely after you start reading. The headline:

Firefighter cleared by his thong

I defy anybody not to click on that headline. Then:

A fireman who faced the sack after being accused of streaking at work has kept his job after it was revealed he was wearing a thong.

Hmmm, sounds like a jape gone wrong. Was he on-duty at the time, so it would have taken longer to respond to an alarm? Or was it less pleasant, and related to sexual harassment – did somebody take offense at his actions? Let’s read on further and find out…

He told the hearing he was going to collect some shower gel from a car.

Right. Not so much with the streaking, then.

“Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service treats matters regarding the professional conduct of its staff very seriously and is extremely disappointed that such an incident has occurred.”

Riiiight. Why the disappointment, exactly? I’d like to know more of the background to this story – from what’s been reported I can’t see how anybody could be offended by such behaviour and not concede their own muppetry. Was he acting in a lewd manner, or something? More info needed, I think.