Comic Cancellation

I’ve figured out a budget for moving into the flat, and it’s pretty tight. I’m having to cut back on a few things, including my regular comic order. I’ve been receiving the Superman / JLA comics each month for a few years now, but it’s one of those luxuries that has to go (at least until I can start earning some decent money 🙂 .) I just wanted to recommend my suppliers: Kathies Comics in Bristol. They’ve been friendly in emails, and have delivered everything just like you’d want. If there’s ever a supply problem at their end they always emailed to explain, as well as making sure to post the late items as soon as possible. I like them 🙂

As always in the comic world, this is a bad time to be dropping out. DC are building up to a massive revamp currently, although to follow it properly you need to subscribe to many more comics than I did. But, there’s always something to wait for. I’ll catch up when the trade paperbacks come out.