I set up the recently released Slide a few days ago. It’s a scrolling photo bar which docks to the side of your screen, and I quite like it. You can configure it to show pictures from folders, specific files or RSS feeds. I have mine scrolling shots from Catchy Colors and The Light Fantastic. Hovering the mouse over a photo enlarges it, and you can then click to be taken to the file or the appropriate website.

Most interesting, though, are the social aspects. If you know somebody else using the service you can send images straight to their bar. You can also subscribe to other people’s ‘channels’ (if they’ve made them public), and have them scroll onto your desktop automatically. Not surprisingly, the top 50 channels on currently consist of pictures of attractive women, but they’re not all quite so sleazy.

If anyone installs this please do let me know – I’d like to try sending shots between computers. It’s a cool idea, imho.