Second Life

First of a few interesting things I’ve spotted today…

Second Life ScreenshotSecond Life. Wow. I’d seen this mentioned around the web, but only checked it out this morning. It’s like an online role-playing game, World of Warcraft style, but there’s no gameplay, and no objectives. It’s an open-source planet. The effort has been put into developing tools to create nearly anything you can imagine. Buildings, clothing, tools, weapons – it’s all possible, and to extremely high levels of detail. The picture on the left is of a church created by an average user – some of the buildings I’ve seen have been extremely spectacular. The game developers have created a land, but it’s up to the users to build on it. There are parties and events promoted on the in-game advertising system. I wandered into somebody’s land this morning was given a free T-shirt advertising an upcoming massive Second Life meet-up, so I’m now wearing it.

I had great fun creating my character. Nearly every physical aspect of the characters are customizable, yet still I ended up with somebody who looked a little like me (how dull.) Clothing is a commodity you can make or purchase in the game, but you get a default set you can customize to a large degree. I want a purple top hat!

Something I liked about the world was that it cut out all the tiresome parts of such games. You can quickly fly around the world, or simply teleport around. So there’s no dull travelling necessary. I’ve only played about half an hour, but it’s very exciting. Looking down the feature-list while writing this, I discovered the following:

Internal ratings let you evaluate other Residents