Podshow Small Print

There’s an interesting debate brewing over Adam Curry’s Podshow Network. Podshow is an organisation devoted to promoting podcasting. Anybody can put their podcast under the Podshow banner and gain access to the advertising benefits of the service. It also makes it much easier for listeners to find podcasts they like. On Friday Cory Doctorow posted on Boing Boing about the requirements of running your podcast under the Podshow ‘label’:

The problem is that in return for access to PodCast music, you agree to a license that prohibits you from referencing “software piracy (warez, cracking, etc.), hacking, phreaking, emulators, ROM’s, or illegal MP3 activity” or saying anything “deemed unsuitable or harmful to the reputation of PodShow or the Licensor.”

This is pretty nuts. Since when does the guy who provides the music to the radio station get to dictate what you’re allowed to talk about? Is the price of commercial music in a PodCast that you have to yield unlimited, arbitrary editorial control to a music label?

I’ll be interested to hear Adam Curry‘s response to this. I’ve been listening to his podcast for a few months, and I know he’s a strong advocate of the music-sharing culture and is certainly no fan of the major music labels. If he’s gone with the conditions Cory reports, I would think he’ll have a reasoned reply. I’ll listen to the Daily Source Codes over the coming week and report on what’s said.