Off to London

Note: this was sent from the train, but didn’t display properly for some reason. I posted it later in the evening and have inserted it in sequence, so apologies if you missed it first time round.

Just heading to London for the afternoon to see Ed and Simon. Couldn’t be bothered to drive so I’m on the Marylebone train, listening to the Skepticality podcast and happily relaxing. We’re going to see Katie Melua in concert this evening and I’m really looking forward to that – she’s my favourite 🙂

It looks like I’ve got a mortgage sorted out. We looked at various options and eventually contacted an agent online. After a few hours he emailed through the payments etc. without any details of the companies involved. One of the fixed rate schemes he found was great, so we paid him to get all the details and it turned out to be from the halifax. He now handles all the paperwork and I received all the documents to sign this morning. It cost