Organ Donation

BBC TV and radio have this week been running their Organ Donation campaign. Every night there’ve been shows highlighting the problems faced by the people both relying upon and running the donor lists, while Radio 2 has been discussing the merits of adopting an opt-out system for organ donation, rather than the current method of needing to ask relatives’ permission.

Despite the large amount of media coverage, I only found out about it today. I’m not sure how I missed it, but figure that if I did, others may have too. The campaign boils down to this:

Put your name onto the NHS Organ Donor Register. Just do it. Do it now.

I’ve just filled in the form, and it takes perhaps a minute. I can think of no reason why you would not do this. With sixty seconds of effort, you could save somebody’s life. You’d turn a personal tragedy into something truly wonderful – that’s a hell of a legacy. If you have inhibitions regarding dead bodies, just think about the people whose lives you’d be making infinitely happier – isn’t that more important? If you’ve religious issues, I suggest you seriously ask yourself how helping people not die could ever be a bad thing.

There’s a huge shortage of donors, so please add your name if you haven’t already. It’s not pleasant to contemplate, but if you sign up now you needn’t consider it again. Please do.