Iddy Bits

  • We bought some spray that claims to null Megan’s come-hither scent for a short while, so I’ve taken her on some brief walks. I’m avoiding the park and not letting her off the lead, but it’s better than nothing. I don’t get so antsy or feel guilty, Meg’s very happy with the whole arrangement, and other dogs look a little confused when they walk by.
  • This annoys me. I’m sure they think they’re very clever, but have they actually read the book? No matter how authoritarian you think the state is becoming, it’s nothing like that bad. Stop being silly.
  • I’m hungry. What’s wrong with me at the moment? Maybe I have a tapeworm. Wait, does that really happen?
  • Double kudos to Anna Ford: firstly, for pointing out that Michael Buerk is a muppet, and secondly for not going with the obvious yet slightly tacky retort.
  • New speed cameras are calculating average speed over long distances, like between motorway junctions. Fantastic! I await with interest the response from the speed-freaks concerned road users. What will their excuse legitimate concern be this time? Given that I know perhaps two people who agree with me that it’s not ok to break speed limits except in emergencies, this can only be a good thing.
  • A documentary about the mating habits of emperor penguins has out-grossed Bowling for Columbine in the US and is on the way to becoming the most popular documentary ever. Not surprising – who doesn’t like penguins?