Lost, Gone and Vaporized

Lost was certainly intriguing. I’m looking forward to watching it over the next few months – should be fun! However while watching it I forgot about Danny Wallace! Damnation, and me a Joinee too. I’m having a good day for making silly mistakes.

My car has gone! I handed it over to a very nice lady this evening. I’ll be using Mum & Dad’s car until I’m in a position to afford the monthly payments again. Thankfully I’ve never been one for getting attached to cars, and the money will definitely come in handy. I keep expecting to remember I’ve left something expensive in there, though…

It’s the annual Perseid meteor shower this Friday, btw. I’ve seen a ‘shooting star’ once, but I’d love to see a large number in succession like this. The meteors that produce these showers are only about 1mm in diameter, which makes it even more amazing imho.