Spreading Sanity

It would appear that some websites are linking the words intelligent design to the NCSE Resource page explaining exactly why intelligent design is nothing more than an attempt to teach religious doctrine as scientific fact. When somebody searches for the words intelligent design in Google, it is more likely that the website that has the most links from the words intelligent design will appear at the top of the list. Intelligent design advocates are unlikely to be impressed by this, but I don’t care. Intelligent design is the equivalent of teaching the ‘flat-earth theory’ alongside the ‘globe’ theory. Intelligent design has no evidence, and is nothing more than religious extremism. Intelligent design advocates failed to provide any proof in the standard scientific way, so are now targeting children in religion’s classic method of ‘get them while they’re young and don’t know any better’. We won’t stand for it: get away from the kids. There’s nothing intelligent in intelligent design.