The Wrong Message?

I spotted this clipping in the Solihull News yesterday…reproduced exactly as typed:

IT’s D-Day! ‘A’ Level results will soon be out and a number of down-hearted, doom-laden kids will be facing their own ‘D for dunce day’ without passing a single exam!

Way to go with the encouragement, guys. I particularly like the quotes around ‘A’, too.

However, they need not despair! In celebration of the under-dog, under-achievers and all those ‘A’ level students staring at the ‘U’ word (Unclassified) on August 18th, Alton Towers has the best antidote – frustrated failures qualify for a freebie!

Huh? Really?

For three days only, on August 18,19 and 20, all 18-year-old ‘A’ level failures, who fancy screaming away their woes, can get free entry when they turn up with their result slip and a photo ID.

Mike Lorimer, marketing manager for Alton Towers said: “We just wanted to cheer up all those kids who didn’t do as well as they thought, and turn a bad day into a fun day for them. Usually it’s the clever kids that get rewarded, so we’re turning this notion on its head! At least they can then boast to their mates that they won’t have to pay to have a great day!”

Alton Towers’ current ticket price, by the way, is