How To Waste 30 Minutes of Your Life

How to find out the date of A-Level results using the edexcel website in 50 easy steps:

  1. Load up website. Find it doesn’t like Opera very much. Open in IE instead.
  2. Click ‘Calendar’
  3. Click ‘Key Dates’
  4. Read: “Key dates can be viewed by Qualification or by Audience Group (Examination Officers, Students or Teachers). Select from the 2 dropdown menus below to browse. A complete list of the key dates by qualifications is available in PDF document format from the Information Manual.”
  5. Click ‘Information Manual’
  6. Browse list of PDFs, which begin at ‘Autumn Term 2005’. Hmmm, not what you want.At the bottom of the page there’s a PDF link that says ‘Key Dates’ with a ‘new’ logo next to it. Despite the fact that there is no hint as to what this could be…Click it.
  7. Look through pdf. This isn’t the correct thing. Close it.
  8. On the ‘Information Manual’ page there’s a new menu on the left. One of the options is GCE, which is exam-board speak for ‘a-levels’. Clock this.
  9. Aha! Another PDF link. It apparently has ‘Results dates’. W00t. Click this link and open the PDF.
  10. Nope, this only has the results dates for exams in 2006. Close this.
  11. On the main menu, go back to ‘Services for Centres’. Look around. Any use? No.
  12. How about ‘Studying’. Ah, ‘Private candidates’ says “how to make an entry, costs…key dates”. Click this.
  13. There’s a PDF link for ‘Information for Private Candidates’. Open this.
  14. Look at index, scroll down to ‘GCE’. Look for ‘GCE Key Dates’
  15. Aha! Some dates, finally. 21/10/04 – closing date for receipt of entries; 17/03/05 – exam results for Jan exams; 21/03/05 – closing date for receipt of May/June entries. That’s all.
  16. Swear. Close pdf.
  17. Go back to home page. Have you missed anything? Try ‘Sitemap’
  18. What are possibilities here…Click ‘Results Services’
  19. “The deadline for submission of all Post Results Service requests for the June 2004 examinations is September 20, 2004.” This page is apparently out of date. Click ‘FAQs for candidates’ anyway.
  20. Nope, this just has some questions regarding what to do in the event of various problems. Go back to sitemap.
  21. Aha! ‘Timetables’. Click this.
  22. “Exam timetables for GCE, GCSE, GCSE (vocational subjects), GNVQ, Key skills and GCE qualifications area available here in pdf format.You can also search for timetable dates using the Calendar.” The table, however, is empty under the GCE option. Maybe you missed something on the calendar…
  23. Hmm, ‘Exam Timetables’. Go to ‘Find by Exam Series’ and select “GCE May/June 2005” then click ‘Go’
  24. “Download the PDF document for the entire series.” it says. Under the “Exam Timetables by Subject” heading are ‘Mathematics’ and ‘Social Policy’. That’s all. There’s a “Find by Subject” option. Click ‘P’ for physics.
  25. From the list, select ‘Physics’
  26. Observe the wonder of the ‘Select Qualification Family’ selection box, which has nothing to select.
  27. Break something.
  28. The text has a link to “leave this website and access the Interboard Searchable Timetable”. With joy in your heart, click this link.
  29. Accept the terms and conditions of the site before entering.
  30. Select “Summer 2005”, “GCE” and “All” from the search options.
  31. Click ‘P’ for physics.
  32. Click ‘Physics’
  33. Observe the exam timetable, that shows the dates of the exams only. Close this window, and ponder on the things you could have been doing instead of looking around the edexcel website.
  34. Back on Edexcel, go back to the home page. Observe the ‘Search box’. Enter ‘results’ and click ‘Go’
  35. Look down the list of 300 matches. Halfway down is ‘Qualifications: Noticeboard”, which says “receipt of examination results”. Click this.
  36. Observe the dates for Jan ’05 exams. Click the ‘Noticeboard for Edexcel’ link in hope.
  37. There is nothing of use. Enter “results dates” into search box and click ‘Go’.
  38. There is a ‘Services for Centres: Key Dates’ PDF link. Open this.
  39. Again, only dates from autumn ’05.
  40. Enter ‘2005 results dates’ into search box. Observe nothing useful.
  41. Enter ‘GCE 2005 results dates’
  42. The first result is ‘Services for Centres: EDI & Basedata : Centre Support : EDI Calendar – Updated 22/10/04’. Click this in desperation.
  43. Some dates! Click the ‘GCE’ anchor link…
  44. Results Date (EDI): 17/08/2005!!!!
  45. Rejoice. Do a merry jig.
  46. Open your calendar to enter this momentous date. Discover it is a Wednesday.
  47. Reflect on how results day is always a Thursday.
  48. Check the website again. Aha – Results Date (Paper): 18/08/05.
  49. Become confused. What is EDI? When can you collect the results?
  50. Give up.

How to find out the date of A-Level results using the AQA website in one easy step:

  1. Load up website. Observe the first entry in ‘Happening this Month’ (the only real text on the front page): 18th – Receive GCE/AEA/VCE/FSMQ/Basic and Key Skills Summer 2005 results.