Effects of Walking

I’ve been going on daily walks for a couple of months now, and have noticed a couple of things. Firstly, I’m a hell of a lot fitter. When the very heavy rain started yesterday Megan and I ran a couple of hundred metres to get home and I was really surprised at how easy it was. I did little exercise before and on the few occasions I’d had to run anywhere only made 100m or so before starting to feel the effects (edit: just to clarify, I mean this running fast – I wasn’t quite as unfit as this sounds on second reading!). I also recovered pretty quickly; a minute or so later I’d got my breath back without a problem. So that’s cool. I’m not going to be running any races or anything, but being generally fitter should correspond to health, right?

Something weird’s started recently, though. A couple of weeks back I took the long route, and about three quarters of the way home suddenly ran out of energy. It’s bizarre. I wasn’t tired at all, just very weak. I remember walking up the road thinking how far away the house seemed. The only time I’ve felt it before is after heavy exercise – you’re not hungry but need some energy. It happens most days now, to varying degrees. I’ve tried having more breakfast and water, but that doesn’t help. Today I noticed that my hands shake slightly, too. I don’t know what’s going on. My pop-scientific explanation is that maybe I’ve recently used up my body’s reserves of something. Or it could be I just need to start taking Mars bars with me for a sugar boost. I have a dietician friend so perhaps I’ll ask if she has any ideas (gotta feel sorry for anybody with medical knowledge, they’re never off-shift).