Birmingham Tornado

A small tornado hit a Birmingham street yesterday afternoon. The first I knew of it was traffic reports of downed trees, then the evening news had a reporter standing outside a small shop with a collapsed roof and broken windows. The reporter pointed to a CCTV camera recording the whole scene, but explained that because it’s on a 12-hour loop they didn’t have access to the footage yet. A fair few people were injured, but nobody killed. So this morning I opened the paper to see this:

Tornado Damage

Holy crap. From the news you’d have thought it just knocked over some trees and destroyed a shop.

Tornado facts:

  • There are 33 tornados on average annually in the UK. So far there’ve been 28 in 2005, which, depending on your perspective, makes it either a good or bad year for twisters.

All right, so that’s the only tornado fact I know.