Midday Roundup – Flamebait

The Conservative party are being told to adopt the ‘faith, flag and family’ approach so successful for the Republicans in the US. Hmmm, just when I thought I couldn’t get any less likely to vote tory…Blunt roundup of my political leanings: faith = backwards, illogical and dangerous; flag = pointless patriotism that’s rarely for the greater good; family values = prudish selfishness that often seems to descend into nonsense.

I’m sure that didn’t annoy anybody.

Talk Politics and (perhaps) Bloggers4Labour have come out strongly against the ‘pro-war left’. It must be a little daunting for them given that most UK political websites are very much of the ‘pro-war left’, so good on them for making a stand. I personally think their argument is attacking a large straw man, but I’m not enough of a political junkie to produce an effective counter. Hopefully Harry, Popinjays or norm will write something in response.