Midday Roundup – Bouncy Joy Joy

I tried out Konfabulator a few months back, and it was fun. It allows the creation of MacOS X-like ‘widgets’ on the desktop, which anybody can design. I had an RSS feed, eBay watcher, gmail checker (that never worked, actually), happy smiley-faced clock, weather info…that kind of thing. It had a certain charm, but I didn’t see that it was worth $20 for my usage so uninstalled once the trial period ran out. Last weekend Yahoo bought the company, and they’re releasing it for free. What’s particularly good about this is that the number of available widgets should increase dramatically with all the new customers, and hopefully the innovation in mac circles will spread over to us PC users.

MSN Virtual Earth quietly went live yesterday, with the big announcements due today. It’s very Google Maps-like in terms of easy scrolling and zooming, except that it scales to the browser window. There are a number of interesting features such as ‘locate me’, which attempts to determine your location from wi-fi signals or IP address, as well as more keyboard shortcuts. There’s very little UK info at the moment, and both my postcode and ‘solihull’ turn up nothing in the searches, so I’ll likely stick with Google for the moment.

Ooh, what else is there…

I’m spending increasing amounts of time browsing flickr groups. There are so many wonderful photographs out there! The Light Fantastic, Maimed Photographer, I am… and the spectacular Catchy Colors (39k photos!) have all caught my eye recently.

Lunch time!