I don’t like it when the phone rings between 2300 and 0800; it’s never good news. My sister woke up today to find that the house she shares with her boyfriend was burgled while they were sleeping. The burglars came in through a road-facing window and stole the car plus anything electronic, but not, thankfully, the dog. They certainly went upstairs and into one of the bedrooms, and Jane says that this morning their bedroom door was open when it shouldn’t have been. Megan sleeps in the bedroom and started barking at one point, I guess when she heard them upstairs, and we think this probably scared them away. The police were round within half an hour of it being reported, and by 1000 they’d recovered the power tools that were in the car – it looks like they were tossed out of the window.

Not a very pleasant discovery, but I’m rather glad she slept through the whole thing. Cars and computers are replaceable, after all.