Hey, it’s cheaper than £6k

I spent much of yesterday feeling sorry for myself. Yeah, I know – I spent the end of last week doing many cool things, why should I feel sorry for myself? I don’t claim to be a logical person. I tried to kick myself out of it by listening to loud Rob Costlow and watching Shakespeare in Love, which helped a bit. Anyway, today I decided to try the old stalwart – retail therapy.

Having learnt that Flight Simulator 2004 has built in flying lessons that are actually quite good, I decided to head into town to pick it up. I had £10 of WH Smith vouchers and £10 of HMV vouchers, so figured I could get it quite cheaply. Observe the logic that followed. Neither of the two shops had any in stock. Neither did Game, John Lewis, Woolworths or Random Shop of Visual Engorgement. Dixons, however, had a copy. For £50. Screw, that. Probably. Well…no. I’m not paying £50. I do want it, though. Hmmm…No. I drove to the retail park. Comet had no copies. Curry’s had no copies. Toys ‘R Us had no copies. PC World had a copy! For £35. So I bought it. Well, I thought, I’ve saved money! That I had originally been planning to spend no more than £20 didn’t cross my mind.

Is there anything I couldn’t justify to myself, given enough time?