The Illiterati

A quick request. If you don’t intend to buy the latest Harry Potter novel, could you maybe just not bring it up? Please? If it’s in response to something somebody else says, fine, but how does you independently stating, loudly and brassily, that you’re not a Harry Potter fan add to the overall happiness level of the world? Are you just trying to make people who are feel bad? If you’ve read some and didn’t like them, well done! But why try to spoil other people’s fun? I’m really talking to those people who proudly proclaim never to have read anything by J.K. Rowling (or Dan Brown, or Stephen King…). I know, I know. You won’t read them on principle. Nobody really knows what that principle is, or the reasons it’s based upon – probably something to do with media hype or (the epitome of all evil) popularity – but I’m sure you think you’re very clever. Most superior. Yes, we all think you’re very superior. You are clearly a literary expert who can judge books without reading them. Now could you just shut up and go do something you enjoy? Thanks.