Will Young Concert Photos

Back home from the concert, which I enjoyed. I read this morning that no cameras were allowed so didn’t take my 300D, which turned out to be a mistake. We were extremely close to the front and I would have had the opportunity for some great shots, I think. Everybody else had their digital cameras so I guess that’s just put on the website to cover themselves, or something. I’ll know for next time, anyway.

It was a great opportunity to test out the camera built in to my Nokia 7610. The results, straight from the phone and without manipulation of any kind, are here. The digital zoom shots are, predictably, not all that great, but the standard wide-angles aren’t half bad – certainly good enough for snapshots when the ‘proper’ camera isn’t around. I took some video footage too, but I’m not sure how to convert that from the.3gp format; I’ll figure that out at the weekend.

Entire Stage - 5

I put all my gliding photos onto flickr this afternoon but didn’t have a chance to write it up yet. I haven’t entirely finished their tags and descriptions either, but if you want to check them out they’re here.