Don’t Miss Tonight’s CSI

If you’re an official member of the CSI-rocks-and-anyone-who-says-otherwise-is-a-melon Club then you won’t want to miss this evening’s episode. It’s the feature length season 5 finale, and if you know how gory CSI is normally, you’ll be happy to find out that this episode is directed by the splatter-meister Quentin Tarantino. Cool or what! Channel 5 are doing their damndest to give away the entire plot, so I’d recommend you switch on as late as possible, or at least mute it. I’ve already heard a big spoiler from their adverts, and combined with the episode title have a fair idea of what’s coming up. Hopefully I’ll be entirely wrong, though. Exciting 🙂

Update: Channel 5 pulled it because of ‘today’s developments in the London bombings’ and it’ll be shown next week instead. Interesting choice of words – it’ll be interesting to see what could have been so sensitive from today’s news. After all, the replacement episode involved piecing bodies back together.