Close Call

Story from last week I forgot to mention. Megan was in the corner of the office, chewing up a box she’d found. I looked over and the following thought process went through my head:

What’s that she’s got?
That’s a bit odd.
It’s black.
It’s rectangular-ish.

I don’t think I’ve ever moved so fast. I was there before she managed to get into it, but can you imagine? I don’t think I want to. Turns out the box she was chewing was the most recent, unopened, delivery from the stationers, and around the corner from me lay the entire contents, thankfully not destroyed too much. The cartridge was inside this box, inside its own packaging and inside the light-sealed black bag, all of which she got through in about ten minutes. I think a collar-mounted wireless webcam would be a worthy investment 🙂