A Measured Response

Let’s be sensible links to an excellent opinion piece in the New York Times this morning. If you want to read it, you can hit bugmenot for login details. I’ll quote mostly the same paragraphs Let’s be sensible did…

Tony Blair was as eloquent as ever when he faced the press at the G-8 summit meeting yesterday, but what was most impressive was what he didn’t say. After uttering three sentences of gratitude to the other leaders for their support after the London attacks, he dropped the subject of terror.

Instead of giving murderers publicity on worldwide television, he talked about poverty in Africa and global warming. When a reporter tried to distract him by asking what “went wrong” in London, he said it was the terrorists’ fault and went right back to the business of the G-8.

Instead of promising security at home, he discussed problems overseas that he could do something about. Instead of talking about the need for Britons to move on, he moved on.

I hadn’t really picked up on that, but it’s completely true. You may disagree with Tony Blair, but you have to admit that his leadership skills are of the highest order.